Supervisory Control
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Turnkey SCADA systems
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Supervisory Control
A SCA­DA sys­tem from nat­con7 gives you ad­vanced su­per­vi­so­ry con­trol of your pow­er plant. With lo­cal da­ta stor­age on RAID disks, fiber op­tic net­work com­po­nents and so­phis­ti­cat­ed lo­cal and re­mote database ac­cess via a suite of us­er in­ter­faces, a nat­con7 so­lu­tion pro­vides you with much more than a sim­ple gate­way to the grid op­er­a­tor's SCA­DA sys­tem.

From in­de­pen­dent field de­vices, M2M in­ter­faces, us­er in­ter­faces, and even con­trol of so­phis­ti­cat­ed third-par­ty grid sta­bi­l­iza­tion de­vices, nat­con7 will make your pow­er plant op­er­a­tion bul­let­proof, your da­ta trans­par­ent to un­der­s­tand and your as­set se­cure from out­side threats. Imagine your cur­tail­ment-, an­ti-is­land­ing, pow­er qual­i­ty- and re­ac­tive pow­er con­trol - all un­der one um­brel­la and at your fin­ger­tips.

A nat­con7 turnkey SCA­DA sys­tem in­cludes a full de­sign pack­age, hard­ware, soft­ware, fac­to­ry ac­cep­tance test­ing, com­plete man­u­als and on­site commissioning. >>