Product Overview
Hardware and software solutions to maximize your profits
Meteorology, automation and power plant control
Optimum utilization of your renewable energy resource
Re­ne­w­able en­er­gy tech­nol­o­gy has come of age. Like any tra­di­tio­n­al pow­er plant, your wind, so­lar, hy­dro, wave or bio­gas in­s­tal­la­tion is sub­ject to en­er­gy sup­p­ly vari­a­tions, break­downs and equip­ment in­ef­fi­cien­cies.

Pow­er plants equipped with me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal sta­tions, per­for­mance mon­i­tor­ing- and su­per­vi­so­ry con­trol sys­tems have pre­dictable up­time, re­al­is­tic main­te­nance sche­d­ules, solid pro­duc­tion da­ta and pro­f­it re­ports, and op­ti­mum pow­er out­put. The re­sult is a lev­el of cer­tain­ty that is cru­cial to large cap­i­tal in­vest­ments.

nat­con7 was found­ed to de­ploy in­dus­trial au­to­ma­tion and con­trol tech­nol­o­gy in re­ne­w­able en­er­gy pow­er plants. Over the last ten years we have de­vel­oped a wide range of prod­ucts, rang­ing from re­source as­sess­ment to turnkey SCA­DA sys­tems. Please feel free to browse th­ese pages to see how we can help you find peace of mind, cer­tain­ty and max­i­mum profits. >>